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Traffic Misdemeanor
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Charge Summary

Case History

Date Time Event
08/18/2003 3:18PM Create Case
08/18/2003 4:06PM Sheriff Release
08/18/2003 4:06PM Ordered In 8-19-03
08/19/2003 9:59AM Bail Receipt# 0302444, $45.00 , Ten Percent, Charge# 4513.263b1.m, Self
08/19/2003 9:59AM Sched. Arraignment On 08/19/03,08:30am, Div 1b
08/19/2003 9:59AM Queue To Ctrm For Ar,08/19/03,08:30am,div 1b
08/20/2003 9:28AM Dsp: 4513.263b1.m Finding: Withdrawn, By (ref)
08/20/2003 9:28AM Added To 08/20/03,08:30am,div1b,ct
08/20/2003 9:28AM Dsp: 4507.02a1.m1 Amended Chrg: 71.21.m4,plea: Guilty,finding: Guilty,jail Time 30d (susp Jail Time) 30d,fine Amt $ 50,court Costs $ 58,notified: Collection,also 1 Yr Unsup Prob, By (ref)
08/20/2003 9:28AM Dsp: Finding: Withdrawn, By (ref)
08/20/2003 9:31AM Rtp 09/22/03, $118.00, Total Due
08/20/2003 9:34AM Bail Refund $ 45.00 To Clifford Owensby, Check# 018876, Receipt# 0302444
08/20/2003 9:34AM Applied $2.50 To 10%
08/20/2003 9:34AM Applied $10.00 To Proc
08/20/2003 9:34AM Applied $10.00 To Caf
08/20/2003 9:34AM Applied $2.00 To Alr
08/20/2003 9:34AM Applied $20.00 To Citcst
08/20/2003 9:34AM Applied $0.50 To Vwp
08/20/2003 9:34AM Receipt# 0337160, Bail Receipt# 0302444
08/25/2003 5:59PM Reported To Bmv: Conviction On 71.21.m4 2 Pts
09/23/2003 3:19PM Dsp: 4507.02a1.m1 Also Pay In Full By 10-23-03,notified: Collection, By (ref)
09/24/2003 2:48PM Rtp 10/23/03, $75.50, Total Due
10/21/2003 3:35PM Dsp: 4507.02a1.m1 Also Pay In Full By 11-21-03,notified: Collection, By (ref)
10/22/2003 3:35PM Rtp 11/21/03, $75.50, Total Due
11/21/2003 12:19PM Applied $2.50 To Vwp
11/21/2003 12:19PM Applied $3.00 To Dvvwp
11/21/2003 12:19PM Applied $9.00 To Rrf
11/21/2003 12:19PM Applied $11.00 To Grf
11/21/2003 12:19PM Applied $50.00 To Citfin
11/21/2003 12:19PM 71.21.m4 Is Paid Off
11/21/2003 12:19PM Receipt# 0351984, Cash
11/25/2003 2:12PM V1064p728-731

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