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Case Summary

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Traffic Minor Misdemeanor
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Charge Summary

Case History

Date Time Event
06/09/2015 3:07PM Case Created
06/09/2015 3:07PM Case scheduled for Arraignment on 06/16/2015 at 08:30 AM in Courtroom 1B
06/10/2015 10:26AM R - Scanned pages (155).pdf (imaged)
06/16/2015 11:14AM Acknowledgment of Guilt via Payment
06/16/2015 11:14AM New Payment Received: Receipt Number is 1528164 for $135.00
06/16/2015 11:14AM * $140.00 received in Cash
06/16/2015 11:14AM * Amount Tendered $140.00 : Change Given $5.00
06/16/2015 11:14AM * $10.00 Allocated to Court Automation Fund
06/16/2015 11:14AM * $3.00 Allocated to Automated Legal Research
06/16/2015 11:14AM * $17.00 Allocated to Special Projects Fund
06/16/2015 11:14AM * $42.00 Allocated to City Costs
06/16/2015 11:14AM * $8.00 Allocated to Victim Witness Program
06/16/2015 11:14AM * $9.00 Allocated to Reparation Rotary Fund-RRF
06/16/2015 11:14AM * $20.00 Allocated to General Revenue Fund - GRF
06/16/2015 11:14AM * $26.00 Allocated to Law Library
06/16/2015 11:14AM * Charge 4513.24.1C.MM is Paid Off
06/16/2015 11:14AM End of Receipt Number 1528164
06/16/2015 11:14AM Case Paid in Full, Case Status changed to Closed
06/17/2015 10:16AM R - Guilty Plea001001001001001001001001.pdf (imaged)
06/17/2015 4:38PM Reported to BMV: Conviction on Charge 4513.24.1C.MM

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