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Criminal Felony
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Charge Summary

Case History

Date Time Event
07/03/2013 12:42PM Case Created from Felony Worksheet No: F13000507
07/03/2013 12:42PM BCI Number: 154606MR
07/03/2013 12:42PM Case scheduled for Arraignment on 07/03/2013 at 1:30PM in Courtroom 4B
07/03/2013 2:45PM New Disposition (Ref No 1) for Count 1 of 2923.13A3.F3 entered, as follows:
07/03/2013 2:45PM * Case set for Preliminary Hearing on 07/11/2013 at 10:30AM in Courtroom 3A
07/03/2013 2:45PM * Also, ATTY CHARLES SLICER
07/03/2013 2:45PM * Bail Set: $25,000.00 - Cash Or Surety
07/03/2013 2:45PM End of New Disposition Entry by DGG
07/03/2013 3:29PM R - Felony Complaint 7-3-13.pdf (imaged)
07/03/2013 5:11PM Criminal Bail Receipt, Number 1301011 added to Case: Amount Paid = $85.00 CA by Self
07/03/2013 5:13PM Criminal Bail Receipt, Number 1301012 added to Case: Amount Paid = $25,000 SUR by Vickie L Short Carman / Short Co. Bail Bonds / Seneca Insurance Co., Inc. P.O.A. S25 02016869
07/08/2013 10:26AM New Disposition (Ref No 2) for Count 1 of 2923.13A3.F3 entered, as follows:
07/08/2013 10:26AM * Jail Booking Fee of $10.00 Assessed
07/08/2013 10:26AM End of New Disposition Entry
07/08/2013 11:50AM R - Defendant's Rights at Arraignment 7-3-13.pdf (imaged)
07/08/2013 11:50AM R - Journal Entry Preliminary Hearing Date 7-3-13.pdf (imaged)
07/11/2013 1:42PM New Disposition (Ref No 3) for Count 1 of 2923.13A3.F3 entered, as follows:
07/11/2013 1:42PM * Probable Cause Found - Case Bound Over to Grand Jury
07/11/2013 1:42PM * Case Status changed to Closed
07/11/2013 1:42PM * Also, BOND CONT
07/11/2013 1:42PM * Jail Booking Fee Amount to be Transferred to Common Pleas Court
07/11/2013 1:42PM End of New Disposition Entry by DEL
07/12/2013 1:56PM R - Journal Entry Bound Over to Grand Jury 7-11-13.pdf (imaged)
07/17/2013 3:44PM Bail Transfer check printed to Common Pleas Court
07/17/2013 3:44PM Transfer check number is 038547
07/20/2013 10:29AM CPC costs $62.00

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